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Our Fleet Has Arrived

After a lot of work invested in finding the right partners and suppliers for the procurement and customisation of our fleet, Nita Trans finally welcomed its brand new fleet to its head office in Orašje. Our five customised trucks have been under construction for several months at our partners from Uniplast (Serbia).

Nita Trans Trucks

The MAN Trucks upon Arrival

After purchasing five completely new tri-axle trucks from MAN and five trailers from Krone, all these elements have been shipped to Uniplast Serbia for custom works, in order to adapt the fleet to our company’s specific needs.

The first and most important change is that all of the crates have been upgraded with high-quality materials so that the truck together with the trailers now has a total transport volume capacity of 120m3, which allows for the transport of high-volume, bulky materials.

Nira Trans Trucks

Custom Works o Adapting Nita Trans’ Trailer Crate

A second customisation comes in the form of an adapted passing ramp, which allows for a more efficient process of loading and unloading of our trucks. With this ramp it is no longer necessary to disconnect the trailers from the main body of the truck, allowing our fleet to create important time savings.

Nita Trans Trucks

A Close-Up of the Customised Passing Ramp Enabling Easier Loading and Unloading

Besides these big modifications, we have also made sure that all of our trucks have uniquely branded tarpaulins, so that our brand can easily be recognised when the trucks finally hit the roads.

Nita Trans Trucks

The Finished, Adapted and Branded Trailer for our Fleet

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